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My chief complaint was that of back pain that radiates into my lower extremity on the left side.I underwent surgery of the L5,L4 left laminectomy Facetectomy and it was noted that I had a mild weakness in my lower extremity called Foot Drop, I have had an myelogram and CT of the Lumbar spine which reveals the hardware all is good position.

I received a second surgery to correct this condition it had no effect. Four months have passed and the pain have lesson and so have the visit also. I really upset with the condition they left me in now I am in fear of getting discharge from the military because i can no longer do my job as a fire fighter. Shannon clinic have made a paid off me, and now I want pay back for pain and suffering etc..

I have undergone nights of pain and suffering, lies and being deceived by this doctor.

The board of doctor and the Lawyer bar is a tight union in this little town.I am looking for legal assistance.

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Dr.s are not Gods!You might have had the same thing happen with any other Dr.

Maybe you should explore a new calling for your life, more in line with His word. Life is not guaranteed to have no pits. Look for a new endeavor.

Watch "Facing the Giants" movie..Praise Him in all things and see what will open up for you...more likely better things.Good luck!

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